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Welcome to the official site of Hannetjie De Clercq, South African born artist residing in Redelinghuys.

“I see my paintings as a juxtaposition of the romance of the medieval. Iconography with 20th Century technological and sociological realities. When I paint, an otherworldliness comes through; it’s the essence of the dream world and you can never predict what it is going to be. As an artist I just keep on striving for cohesion in my work while going through all the deep feelings so that these emotions can be caught on canvas.”

Welcome to my art studio. Hosting Exhibitions at my home has been a longstanding tradition, since the 80’s in Clarens. I am continuing the tradition in my new studio in Redelinghuys. Exhibiting in this fashion enables me to celebrate art, food and life.

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South Africa, London, Zurich, Los Angeles, Singapore, New York, Dubai, Amsterdam, Israel, Paris, Melbourne

" An over- explanation of my work would render it impotent and therefore I do not title my paintings "

Hannetjie de Clercq

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